Notifi Integration - Push Notifications on Vertex

Notifi Integration - Push Notifications on Vertex

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Notifi to bring traders push notifications. 

Notifi offers flexible notification services for users to their preferred social accounts, such as Discord, Telegram, and email. Vertex will leverage Notifi to give traders the option to get alerts around trades, account health and more. 

Setting up Notifications 

Getting started with notifications is easy: 

Step 1: Click the bell 🔔 in the top right on desktop (mobile coming soon). 

Step 2: Enter in the accounts you wish to get notifications delivered to - such as Discord, Email and Telegram

Step 3: Sign a transaction to approve the above 

Step 4: Decide what alerts you want to enable

Available Alerts 

Upon launch, the following alerts will be available:

  • Vertex announcements - get notified about new features and markets, special events, reward programs and partnerships. If you want to stay on top of all things Vertex, this is for you.
  • Order fills (partial & full) - this will alert you whenever one of your orders is partially or entirely filled. 
  • Liquidation events - this alert will notify you of any liquidation events. 
  • Margin usage - this alert will notify you if your Margin Usage (initial) reaches a certain %. You can select one of the pre-set options or choose a custom %. 

Margin usage on the frontend has recently been updated to express Initial Margin Usage - the percentage of your tradable funds being used by positions. 

New alerts will become available as we build out Vertex’s offering and listen to the community for feedback. If you have a suggestion for an alert you’d like to see offered, please use Vertex request form: {link}

Viewing Alert History 

To view your past alerts, simply click on the to left of the drop-down. A scrollable Alert History page will appear. 

Note on timing: Alerts will be handled on a 1-minute polling schedule. This means you will receive notifications within 1 minute of the event happening. For example; if your order fills or your margin usage reaches the set alert threshold, you will receive a notification to your set destinations within 1 minute. 

We hope this integration will help improve your Vertex experience. As always, join the conversation on Discord and follow the Vertex journey on Twitter. 

About Vertex

Vertex is a vertically-integrated DEX on Arbitrum bundling spot, perpetuals, and an integrated money market into a unified trading platform. Trade with lightning-fast speed, universal cross-margin, and a customizable, user-friendly trading interface. No more switching between dApps – trade, earn and borrow all in one DEX. 

Vertex unleashes the performance and usability of centralized competitors – on-chain and always self-custodial.

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About Notifi 🐡

Notifi offers flexible support and simplified communication across all web3 messaging channels, including Discord, Telegram, SMS, and email, for any web3 project. With advanced features tailored for applications and a built-in global infrastructure to support projects at scale, Notifi is designed with simple APIs for easy integration. Customizable and advanced features for dApps and web3 applications empower developers and creators to effectively engage with their users and communities through multichannel communications.

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