Skate Vault & Vertex Integration

Skate Vault & Vertex Integration

SkateFi's innovative market-making vaults are live on Vertex!

Users can now passively provide liquidity (LP) to major Vertex orderbook pairs and earn yield plus $ARB rewards.

📈 Deposit USDC into the Skate Vault (The Majors) → Start Earning

Vertex – Deposit & Earn Yield Plus $ARB Rewards

SkateFi (formerly Range Protocol) is pioneering the first stateless app and the liquidity layer for multiple blockchains with non-custodial infrastructure. The platform offers a gateway for investors to easily access systematic strategies deployed by professional asset managers.

The native Skate integration on Vertex provides simple access to “The Majors” vault, powered by advanced market-making strategies that generate yield on BTC and ETH perpetual strategies.

Key Benefits:

  • Market-Making Profits
  • Funding Rate Arbitrage Fees
  • Maker Rebates
  • ARB Rewards
  • SkatePark Ollies

Users earn boosted LP yields through a combination of delta-neutral funding rate arbitrage and RFQ-based spot leg infrastructure. The rewards include:

  • 150,000 ARB (over ~10 weeks)
  • 2 Million SkatePark Ollies

By depositing USDC into SkateFi’s Liquidity Vault, users can earn a share of 150,000 $ARB rewards over the next 10 weeks as part of Vertex’s STIP Bridge proposal via the Arbitrum DAO. 

Additionally, LPs earn Ollies, rewarding early and active contributors in the Skate ecosystem. Rewards are auto-compounded back into the LP’s position.

📈 Deposit USDC & Start Earning

How Does The Skate Vault Work?

SkateFi’s RFQ Spot Leg enables a non-custodial approach, allowing SkateFi vaults to execute funding rate arbitrage seamlessly between centralized exchanges (like Binance and Coinbase) and DEX orderbooks (like Vertex).

The vault employs high-frequency orderbook market making and funding rate arbitrage to maximize returns and minimize risks for LPs, representing a shift in decentralized orderbook philosophy.

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Vault Capital Efficiency & Strategy:

  • Optimizes capital efficiency by focusing on tighter spreads.
  • Balances immediate profitability from bid-ask spreads without the overhead of holding inventory.
  • Maintains a delta-neutral position to minimize directional market risk. 
  • Leverages Vertex’s cross-margining system for enhanced capital efficiency.
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The capital efficiency of Skate’s Vault on Vertex is illustrated by the higher multiples of trading volume vs. TVL during Skate’s 2-month backtesting period of the Vertex Liquidity Vault. 

Performance Insight: During a 2-month backtesting period, the Skate vault, with approximately $140K in TVL, settled over $250 million in trading volume on Vertex's perpetual orderbook pairs.

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How to Participate:

  1. Navigate to the [Earn] section of the Vertex app.
  2. Select [Vaults].
  3. Deposit USDC to become an LP in “The Majors” Vault.
  4. Start earning yield and ARB rewards!

The ongoing ARB incentives for Skate’s “The Majors” vault on Vertex are part of Vertex’s broader STIP-Bridge proposal to the ArbitrumDAO, where 1.5 million ARB is allocated across different categories of user activity on Vertex.

Learn more about the ARB rewards on Vertex here.  

Note: ARB rewards are only available to Skate Vault users on Vertex (Arbitrum). ARB incentives are not available to Blitz depositors (more below). 

For more detailed information on SkateFi, check out their docs here!

Blitz – Deposit & Earn Yield with Skate Vaults

Skate’s Vaults extend beyond Vertex on Arbitrum! With Vertex Edge, Skate’s vaults can be deployed across cross-chain instances of Edge, including Blitz on the Blast L2 network.

That’s right anon, you can LP the Skate Vault for "The Majors" directly on the Blitz app too. 

📈 Deposit USDB into the Skate Vault (The Majors) on Blitz → Start Earning

How to Participate:

  1. Navigate to the [Earn] section of the Blitz app.
  2. Select [Vaults].
  3. Deposit USDB to become an LP in the Vault.
  4. Start earning yield and Ollie rewards!

About SkateFi

SkateFi is building the first stateless app and liquidity layer for numerous blockchains. The platform offers investors access to systematic strategies run by professional asset managers, with vaults across multiple asset verticals, including Spot AMM, Liquid Staking, Derivatives, RWAs, NFT Finance, Borrowing and Lending, and Derivatives.

About Vertex

Vertex was established by a team of traders and engineers with a track record of business building in both TradFi and DeFi markets. They saw the latent market need for users to interact with DeFi in a more flexible way and decided to leverage the growing ecosystem on the Arbitrum blockchain to bring a trading protocol to market. Today, they are excited to be at the forefront of smart contract and market innovation for Arbitrum and to help partner with some of the most exciting names in crypto to build a DeFi protocol that works for all users.

For further inquiries about Skate Vaults, please refer to the official Vertex Discord: