Testnet Announcement & Roadmap Update

Testnet Announcement & Roadmap Update

Quick recap — It’s been 4 weeks since we shared our last roadmap update. In that time we have:

  • Published our new Litepaper (and threads 1, 2, 3)
  • Rebranded (check out the website)
  • Attended Mainnet (have you seen our booth 😂 )
  • Launched community initiatives (get paid to contribute)

Next up: The Vertex Testnet. This blog will cover what’s in store, how to get involved (and why?), and when to expect mainnet.

Vertex Testnet

The Testnet will be rolled out in 2 phases. The goal of each phase is to iterate on user input and make sure things are working smoothly.

Phase 1 — Closed Testnet

  • Duration: 2–3 weeks
  • Product scope: Portfolio and trading pages with limited functionality
  • Availability: Only available to a set group of Alpha users through sign up (see more below)
  • Aims: Get detailed feedback and help prepare for the next phase

Phase 2 — Open Testnet

  • Duration: Minimum 1 month
  • Product scope: Addition of money markets page with almost all of the MVP functionality available
  • Availability: Open to anyone
  • Aims: Test the limits of the protocol & gather a broad range of feedback

Closed Group — Vertex Alpha Users

We’re looking for DeFi users and traders from all backgrounds to join the Closed Testnet and corresponding Alpha Group.

As an Alpha user, you will be asked questions regarding aspects of UI/UX and expected to provide detailed feedback and suggestions. This will carry on during the Open Phase. You will also be added to a Telegram group with other Alpha Users where you can discuss ideas and have access to the core team easily.

Alpha users will be our first adopters. You’ll help shape the early future of Vertex and hopefully participate in governance as we further decentralize the platform.

👉 Apply to join the Alpha group: https://forms.gle/MUarPQhE62VC2K1H6

Timeline & Roadmap Update

At a glance:

  • Closed Testnet: week of October 24th
  • Open Testnet: Early-mid November
  • Mainnet: by January 2023
  • Vertex NFT…. (TBA)

Our timeline will remain flexible so we can adapt to any circumstances or conditions. However, the plan above is what we aim to accomplish. Between the key dates, we will host multiple community initiatives for you to get involved.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask them in Discord: https://discord.gg/vertexprotocol